Welcome to Colorado Food Forest. We are local edible plant enthusiasts with a mission to provide the tastiest, most nutritious plants in your own backyard. Our philosophy is to teach a person to fish versus giving them the fish. At Colorado Food Forest, we have wide range of fruit trees, nut trees and shrubs to complement every backyard. We seek the most adapted species to grow and thrive in our climate. We cater to the small Denver backyard to 100+ acre site. If you are an master gardener or a novice, we can assist along the way with expert consulting, tree planting and landscaping.

Elizabeth Nitz comes from a family of wildcrafters and gardeners, growing up on roadside berry jam, wild 2015-05-08 11.18.58fruit pie and homegrown veggies. She took her first Permaculture Design Course in 2009 and began a food forest on her five-acre property in Erie, Colorado. She also co-founded the Colorado Permaculture Guild and helped put together the yearly Colorado Permaculture Convergence from 2010-2015.

She is discovering the benefits and difficulties of growing trees in Colorado the hard way. Over the years she learned how to build and amend soil and how to plant, prune and maintain healthy trees and shrubs. She loves to experiment to find and propagate the most resilient varieties. She wants to pass on the best to other Colorado tree enthusiasts and help nurture the regenerative community.