1) Where can I pick up my order?


Our business is located on 1878 Old Hwy 52, Erie CO 80516. Please email or call ahead to make sure someone is around, and let us know when you want to pick up your order.


2) Do you ship out of state?


At this time, we are not shipping out of state.


3) What kind of soil are the plants in?


At Colorado Food Forest, our mission is to deliver the healthiest, most vibrant plants. We use the highest quality organic compost and every plant is inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. We also spray compost tea to promote organic growth.


4) How are the plants potted?


Our plants are potted with soil and in appropriately sized containers. We have standard containers as well as air pruning root containers.


5) Will my plants grow in Colorado?


We strive to bring edible landscaping that thrives in Colorado. Not all plants are equal in requirements such as moisture, heat and soil type. Some of our products require more intensive watering while others thrive in drought conditions. Please contact us with any questions on zones and climate.