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The epitome of multi-purpose, Antonovka is a tart fresh eating apple when its first ripe. It becomes a more complex eating apple given a bit of time in storage and is a popular baking apple throughout.

This variety is a popular winter hardy rootstock for medium- to full-sized apple trees with an amazingly deep taproot. It is both remarkably stable and drought-tolerant once established. This is an excellent variety to grow in Colorado where water can be infrequent.

One amazing feature of the Antonovka is that it grows true from seed, which means a seed planted from an Antonovka apple will produce a tree of that same variety, not a radically different hybrid.

Scientific name: Malus ‘Antanovka’

Purchase size: 3+ ft

Plant hardiness zone: 2-9

Max height: 20-25 ft

Light: Full sun

Harvest: Fall (early September)

Pollination: Requires another apple variety (can be a crab apple)