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These attractive plants feature bright orange clusters of berries and narrow, silvery­-green leaves, and are often grown in hedgerows as ornamental shrubs. These bushes thrive with full sun in dry, sandy locations and are tolerant of salty soil and air, since they are commonly found on sea coasts. The seaberry shrub even helps to improve poor soils with its nitrogen fixation.

As these plants mature, they may develop thorns that can be pruned off if desired. Seaberries are high in vitamins, oils, and antioxidants — ideal for making nutritious juices, jellies, sauces and smoothies. Seaberries will hold onto the bush into winter, providing unique seasonal landscape appeal as well as a food source for wildlife.

Scientific name: Hippophae rhamnoides

Purchase size: 3 ft, 2 yrs old

Plant hardiness zone: 3-8

Max height: 6-10 ft

Light: Full sun

Harvest: Fall

Pollination: Cross (male and female)

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Scientific Name

Hippophae Rhamnoides